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There is a unique set of challenges facing both aspiring and experienced business leaders today.

You have to educate your employees on the basic skills of how to perform their job… how to work the cash register; prepare the food (with a menu which might change monthly); and other processes which allow you to serve your clients. This takes hours during which the employee is not on the floor and generating revenue. Most courses take an hour plus per section to complete. For an employee who works less than 25 hours per week, this is tough to schedule and expensive.
Yet you see that competitors are known for their great customer experience. You wonder, “How can our team accomplish this?”
With your employees having varied backgrounds, you wonder how to get everyone on the same page. You know it is important and you have invested in providing training but it doesn’t address the lack of social skills. The material is too long. Its online and only one person can complete it at a time. And often the professional development training is offered for the manager level and above.

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