Elevate Your Team, Increase Retention, and Boost Your Bottom Line Using the Power of Part-Time Staff

The TAPP Learning System is a professional development program that helps business leaders and owners tap into the power of part-time staff.

ELEVATE YOUR TEAM – leverage the power of part time staff to create maximum impact

INCREASE RETENTION – create a winning, engaged culture where people fight to get hired

BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE – An engaged, happy team translates to higher customer satisfaction

The Current Workforce Is 33% Hourly & Part-Time Workers and
Predicted To Be 50% In The Next 3 Years. Are You Prepared For This Shift?

Focusing all of your attention on retaining full-time workers while neglecting hourly employees can backfire in the short and long term. According to research conducted by Workforce 2020, the current workforce is composed of in between 20 and 33 percent hourly and part-time workers with expectations that this figure could grow to 50 percent over the next three years.

There’s never been a more important time to tap into the power of part-time staff. Many business owners are struggling to increase retention and build a better workplace culture, especially with so many growing hourly and part-time staff.

You deserve a trusted guide to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


About TAPP

At TAPP we understand the unique set of challenges facing both aspiring and experienced business leaders today.

You have to educate your employees on the basic skills of how to perform their job… how to work the cash register; prepare the food (with a menu which might change monthly); and other processes which allow you to serve your clients. This takes hours during which the employee is not on the floor and generating revenue. Most courses take an hour plus per section to complete. For an employee who works less than 25 hours per week, this is tough to schedule and expensive.

Yet you see that competitors are known for their great customer experience. You wonder, “How can our team accomplish this?”

With your employees having varied backgrounds, you wonder how to get everyone on the same page. You know it is important and you have invested in providing training but it doesn’t address the lack of social skills. The material is too long. Its online and only one person can complete it at a time. And often the professional development training is offered for the manager level and above.

The #1 Reason Professional Development Programs Fail Is Because
Employees Don’t See How it Benefits Them

So what is the answer? How can you provide professional development for the part-time staff and their managers?

The secret to a strong professional development program that employees actually complete, is to let them know how it benefits them personally… not just professionally.

All training is important but the most effective training is one which engages the employees and connects them to one another. If the employee learns a new skill which helps them to communicate more effectively with a customer and realizes that the same skill helps them to communicate with a grumpy neighbor, they will grow as individuals. And they will be more likely to WANT to complete the training and make it a priority.

Offering a training program which most of your employees don’t complete, is like flushing money down the toilet.

That would be crazy, but people do this all the time in business. That’s why the programs fail: the employees don’t see how it benefits them so they only complete the basics. When a business doesn’t engage the individuals, it is bound to fail.

How much is not investing in your part-time staff costing you? How would your business grow if every team member were given the right tools and operated from the same “play book”?

The 3 Biggest Questions Business Leaders Have
About Training Part-Time Staff Are:

Is there a way to train my part-time team efficiently?

Is there professional development which doesn’t take hours and cost a fortune?

Is it worth it to train part-timer beyond the basics?


“Is there a way to train my part-time team efficiently?”

Yes, we have developed a program which is delivered to your location monthly and is designed for part-time employees and their manager. The typical module will take less than 15 minutes. It can be completed on demand.

“Is there professional development which doesn’t take hours and cost a fortune?”

Yes, TAPP provides professional development to your entire team for less than it would cost to hire and train a new person. You can demonstrate your company’s commitment to their growth by allotting up to 30 minutes per month per person.

“Is it worth it to train part-timers beyond the basics?”

Yes, it is critical to invest in your part-time with professional development. Your customer doesn’t distinguish between your part-time and full time employees. So you should want everyone to be equally well-trained.

When your employees are well-trained, you’ll never have to worry about the customer experience. Think about the last time you had an amazing customer experience. It wasn’t using a kiosk and picking up your food off a shelf. You interacted with one or more individuals. And I can guarantee that the team member wasn’t surly, argumentative or perfunctory. He or she had great soft skills and knew how to make you feel special.


There is a solution.

Who Is This Program For?

If you have part-time staff and want to give them the tools to be the best they can be.

This program is also for you if…

You have managers
You want to make a difference but you also want to make money
You feel like, no matter what you do, training is going to be a struggle

You deserve to have employees who are engaged and are ambassadors for your brand. Investing in your team is an investment in your company’s future.

Who Is This Program Not For?

If you just want to say you have a professional development program but don’t support it, then it is not for you.

It is not for your company if you don’t value your part-time staff.

This is an ongoing program with new topics delivered to each location monthly.

You don’t need a learning management system. Each month a package will be sent to each of your locations with a section for the manager and one for the part-timers. If you have a learning management system, we will send you a copy electronically so that the resources can be found online as well.

The TAPP Learning System is filled with dynamic support structures to help your team understand everything their learning, take action, and get results for their life and your business.

Modules include:

Setting Expectations*
Communication Styles*
Learning Styles*
Prioritization and Time Management*
Problem Solving*
Building Trust*
Change Management*
Coaching and Feedback*
Goal settings*
Growth Mindset*
Generations in the Workplace*
Creating a Culture*
Conflict Resolution

 Time To Tap Into The Power Of Part-Time Staff.

Contact TAPP today to discuss how you can elevate your part-time staff and boost your bottom line!