TAPP Tip: Retention- Professional Development

In every industry, training is critical for success. However, limiting training to the specific tasks of the job does not enable the individual to grow and become engaged with the company. Providing opportunities for employees to participate in professional development demonstrates that the company is invested in their future. It is equally important that the company actively support professional growth at each level.

According to David Ballard in the Harvard Business Review “Lack of supervisor support for career development is also linked to important organizational outcomes. For working Americans without supervisor support, only 48% say they are motivated to do their best at work, 39% are satisfied with their job, 16% say their company or organization makes them feel valued, and 22% would recommend their organization as a good place to work.”1

To read the full article 1“Managers Aren’t Doing Enough to Train Employees for the Future” by David Ballard published November 14, 2017, click here.

 For more tips on retention, click here to download “5 Secrets to Increase Retention.”

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