TAPP Tip: Document Onboarding Process

Document the Onboarding Process

The first few days of an individual’s employment set the tone. Having a documented on boarding process will ensure that the individual’s first few days are welcoming and productive. Here are some key items that you should cover:

In advance of arrival, communicate:

  • Who he/she should see on the first day and where to find that person
    • Make sure their supervisor knows when the individual’s first day will be
  • What the expected attire is. Be very specific on what is allowed and what is not permitted.
  • Anything they need to bring with them (IDs for the paperwork), notebook, etc.
    • Anything that is not permitted at work
    • If cell phone use is not allowed, make sure that is communicated along with a phone number which could be used by family in case of an emergency.
  • What to expect on the first day (s).



  • Introduce the person to his/her co-workers
  • Review the individual’s schedule for short and long term
  • Set expectations for behavior
  • Explain how job training works both the first few days as well as long term.
  • Review benefits
  • If a restaurant and food/beverage are a perk, explain when and how they can take advantage of the perk. For example, is it during their shift? Before/after? Can they use their benefit and give the item to a friend?
  • With a part-time employee, discuss his or her schedule. If the schedule is fixed, share how you expect them to handle it when changes need to be made.


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