TAPP Tip: 7 Soft Skills to be Successful

There are different definitions for soft skills but most agree that they are a combination of interpersonal skills, communication, social skills and attitudes. According to Terri Williams1, there are “7 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful.” They are:

Leadership skills enable an employee to manage other staff effectively. A person with strong leadership skills can communicate effectively, build relationships and create the desired culture. A good leader has the other soft skills listed below. A leader can be at any level within a company … not just at the top.

Teamwork – whether you work alone or in a large department, knowing how to collaborate with others is key to success.

Communication  – Terri says that successful communication has five components: Verbal, Nonverbal (body/facial language),  Aural (ability to listen), Written, and Visual (use of pictures and graphics).

Problem Solving – “The ability to use your knowledge to find answers to pressing problems and formulate workable solutions will demonstrate that you can handle – and excel in – your job.”1

Work Ethic is your commitment to your job …. completing projects on time, being dependable, checking your work for errors, and having a helpful attitude.

Flexibility/Adaptability – the world is changing and companies need individuals who are open to change and will be able to switch gears as needed.

Interpersonal Skills – “This is a broad category of “people skills” and includes the ability to build and maintain relationships, develop rapport, and use diplomacy. It also includes the ability to give and receive constructive criticism, be tolerant and respectful regarding the opinions of others, and empathize with them.”1

1The 7 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful by Terri Williams https://www.omniagroup.com/the-7-soft-skills-you-need-to-be-successful/