Educating, Elevating & Engaging Part Time Employees

Providing bite-sized modules to train and develop part-time staff and managers.

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The ABC Company is committed to professional development for its employees. We have partnered with TAPP to provide training and development for those who manage part-time employees and for the part-time staff. We encourage you to use these modules to enhance your department.


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    Defining the role of part-time in your culture

  • Managing and developing Part-time Staff
  • Setting Goals/Expectations
  • Integrating part-time into a team
  • Prioritizing Work Flow
  • Communication- both internally and externally
  • Scheduling
  • Remote employees
  • Team Building
  • Transitioning employees from full-time to part-time
  • Recognizing accomplishments
  • Tools to be a Part-time Professional


Adding Part-time for the First Time to a Department

If you are considering hiring a part-time employee for the first time, this module will take you through the steps. We recommend that you work with your HR Department throughout the process.

Assessment Tools:
Assess Your Department’s Strengths & Needs


Job Description

Screening Candidates
Prepping for the Interview

Making the Offer


Employment Law: 10 Things You May Not Know But Should” with Sheryl Eisenberg and Lynn Weissberg (60 Minutes)

This webinar is geared toward anyone who employs part-time staff or is employed part-time. Learn about the important aspects of employment law that apply to you! Protect your company and yourself by becoming fully informed about legal risks and responsibility.

View a recording of this webinar. Note: you are able to stop and stop this recording if you can only watch part of it now.



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