Educating, Elevating & Engaging Part Time Employees

Providing bite-sized modules to train and develop part-time staff and managers.

At TAPP we know that you want your employees to act like owners. In order to do that, you need a skilled and engaged staff. The problem is good training takes a lot of time and money away from serving your customers which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We believe that companies shouldn’t have to choose between investing in their people or growing the business.


We understand the unique stress and challenges of developing part time staff which is why we created a comprehensive micro-training solution by leveraging our 25+ years of retail and professional management experience.


Here’s how we do it:

1. Schedule a free consultation

2. Implement the just in time training tools customized to your needs

3. Measure the metrics that matter to grow your business

So, schedule your free consultation now. And in the meantime, download this free resource Breaking the Myth of Part-Time

Stop losing time and money on hiring and training new employees and instead increase productivity and profits through a more skilled and committed staff.

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