Learning Modules for Individuals and Managers

TAPP provides the tools for managers and part-timers to be more successful. The modules provide training on topics such as styles of communication, onboarding, team building, setting goals. They are designed to be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Invest in Your Team

Bite -sized modules make it easy to train your team internally.

Increase Productivity

A workforce which is valued and has the right skills is more productive.

Grow Your Business

A productive team often translates to more sales and growth for the business.

Customized Plans

All plans are customized for you and your team. Contact us today to receive a personalized proposal.
  • image Modern. Powerful.

    Replicate the Demo.


    Multiple Platforms

    The RocketLauncher is a customized install, that replaces the default sample data with the data from the demo, alongside images, the extensions and template. It is a quick way to replicate the demo onto your server.

  • Layered Image Sources.

    Anacron is distributed with Adobe Fireworks PNG sources, layered and editable, to allow for quick and easy customization.

    image John Doe CEO

    image Mary Burke Designer

    image Hans Jose Developer

    image Mark Riley Support

  • Flexible & Adaptable Sample Pages.

    There are a series of example pages beyond the frontpage, to show how flexible the layout system, with varying page types, module uses, and layout distributions.

    Graphic Charts by ChartJS

    Create exquisite graphical charts using HTML5 and Chart.js, which is built-in with Anacron.

    Coming Soon / Offline Page

    Anacron supports a simple coming soon or offline style page with a time counter.

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